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Ahh the games of love …..we need to play by the rules!!

Shannon is sharing some insight –

I often put myself in all your shoes (100’s of times a day! Hee hee!) and understand the “excited anticipation” and even expectation of something new and exciting happening in a flash…by virtue of our service of connecting eligible singles, by screening/recruiting/introducing even if on a digital platform, because if two parties wish to meet then, surely it should be a given – THIS IS IT!!!  Truth is this is NOT so, people are still two strangers and need to get to know each other, at their own pace ……so the best strategy is to just relax and let it happen as it should!

Our theory : everyone is here to find lasting love ……but many put the cart before the horse, one has to find people you resonate with, a hotlist of people you REALLY fancy, and maybe then the one that has you spinning off the walls, and still, not to confuse lust (nature’s natural draw card) but the potential to have your ultimate dream …..that incredible lightness of being in love, totally!!

When people are less intense and impatient, and just go forth to be the nicest possible friend……things can start to happen!  We are always nice, accommodating and understand/forgiving with our friends, why can we not be the same with someone we are hoping may be The One?  Instead we throw down gauntlet, make conditions, “my way or the highway” stuff and “I want it like this” and expect them to fit our specific blue print over night of what we imagine is our perfection?  No, we do not do this to our beloved close friends, so why do it when one is seeking love, when a perfectly good stranger may have all the ingredients and what it takes, if we give it a chance? Maybe it is genetic memory left in our psyche from the days of slavery, or when parents/tribal leaders chose our life partners for us, LOL!!  (Believing a true love/lover is an acquisition, or something?)

Today’s words of wisdom:

“The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating.  The paths are not to be found but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination”  – John Schaar

My last newsletter said something about living in the NOW, the past is a record of events that influence and inform, the future is our dream or fantasy, but the NOW is what is the only real living experience.  Live every day as if it is your last!

Enjoy, live in love and light……every moment!!